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Never seen her not get a dismissal

5.0 stars (via Avvo)

Posted by Virginia
October 29, 2014

I have seen Dionne for years now. I first saw her in court with my ex-boyfriend and he ended up hiring her 2 times both times dismissed. Then my friend used her and dismissed again (all these three charges were felonies). Then once more by another friend for a misdemeanor she got her pretrial diversion and she never even had to go to court. 

5.0 Stars (Via google)

Posted by Trudy Marcellino

3 months ago-

Sadly, many of us have “children” who have made poor choices on the path to adulthood. Even more agonizing is the SYSTEM in which lifetime consequences can be brutally administered. Attorney Dionne Press, THANKFULLY, is compassionate but FIRM. My daughter spent 3 months incarcerated for a family dispute. Yes, she was wrong in what she did, but Ms. Press was probably the only person who viewed this case for what it was - a sibling anger which got out of hand. Most legal issues are viewed as black and white - nothing more, nothing less. Ms. Press saved my daughter’s life - this IS NOT an understatement. She took the time to get the whole story, and administered her recommendations based on what was the underlying issues. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you carefully make your selection...we’ve had a few “scrapes” with the law. Dionne is the ABSOLUTE BEST you can choose.

A very grateful mom.